Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope | 23 at 29 in October

Weekly Sagittarius Horoscope

October 23 to 29


This week, Sagittarius, it may be a good week to sign both sentimental and professional agreements, you are in a good time to formalize any type of contract and agreement. It is very possible that this week legal issues take on a special importance in terms of the granting of credits and dealings with the authorities.

You should also bear in mind that during this week it is very likely that you will find yourself in a generous and altruistic mood, so do not discard any type of donation, economic or collaborative, in your environment, with the most needy.

You should also know that couple matters are very favored during this week, highly sexual, and can establish new partners during this week.

Keyword of the Week: Generosity

In the field of health,

This week, Sagittarius, daydreams and future projects are going to be the order of the day, so you must be careful with possible mental disorders derived from so much mental activity. It is a time that when everything starts rolling, you must take into account not to fall into those daydreams and upheavals that it is so easy to fall as soon as you feel well and stop paying attention to your own body.

Key Word in Health: Dreaming

In the labor and economic sphere

This week, Sagittarius, is a time in which work meetings are especially favored, all under a framework of collaboration and signing agreements. It is interesting to know that during this week it is possible to finalize processes that have been working for a long time, triumphantly. It is also possible that during this week collaboration with government agencies is favored. Signing of agreements, credits and several favorable meetings will be the keynote during the week. Those who are unemployed will have several interviews possibly which will offer them a good job that will last for a while.

Key Word in the Labor and Economic: Meetings

In the field of love,

This week, Sagittarius, the achievement of goals with your partner is especially favored, for those who are paired and committed, this week may begin to make settlement plans, we could talk about weddings, live together and other long-term commitments between them . For those who do not have a partner, there is the possibility that during this week they can find someone with whom to form a couple that has to endure during the time. There will also possibly be great family support during this week because the influence of this trend especially favors family situations. It is a good time to establish bonds that will last for a long time.

Key Word in Love: Blessing
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