Sagittarius Horoscope Week | 19 to 25 for June

During this week the people of Sagittarius will be very interested in fixing the pending issues

Horoscope Sagittarius Week

19 al 25 de junio

During this week the people of Sagittarius will be very interested in fixing the pending issues, both economic and emotional, that they might have with the past. This process can be a bit painful, but when it finishes you will feel free and at peace. In the workplace, this week the people of Sagittarius will have encouraging news. You have been interested in directing a very important project that is being developed in your place of work.

You tried many times to be allowed to participate but you could not get anything despite all your efforts. However, your perseverance has been noticed by one of your bosses and during the next few days you will be informed of your decision to be in charge of a small project. It will not be exactly what you wanted but it will be a good start that will bring you closer to your goals. In the economic field, this week you will receive an unexpected sum of money. You will take advantage of this amount to pay the expenses of a big party that will take place in your family to celebrate an anniversary, it can be of your parents or your grandparents.

In the sentimental field, the men and women of Sagittarius who are alone will enjoy very pleasant events during this week. From your new circle of friends will emerge a person with whom you will feel instantly connected and with whom you will find it very easy to communicate. In addition, you will feel a great sexual attraction towards that person. You will live with him or her a beautiful but ephemeral relationship.

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