#Sanitary from 13 to 19 for February

#Sanitary from 13 to 19 for February

#General: This week looks lovely in many ways. With Venus and Mars in your sector of recreation and pleasure, your fun could have no end. If you are a couple recently, this Valentine's Day could make you go further in search of a more committed bond. However, you will also want to have your space, so be sure to clarify it from the beginning. The situation is equally passionate if you already have a stable relationship, especially if you go on a trip with your partner.

#Amor Couple: Does your partner value you enough or do you seek the admiration of others? It is likely that discussions about whether they are enough for each other will occur at the beginning of the week, but deep down you know that your partner is your number one fan. They risk entering the unknown together this weekend and shaking hands gives them the courage they need to follow in their footsteps. Without the support of the other person, it would probably be impossible to do so.

#Amor Singles: Do you have expectations too high? Do your friends constantly tell you that you are too demanding or that you punished that person who escaped you too much? Listen to the people closest to you when they try to help you. You enjoy exploring new territories at the weekend, which can extend to your love life. Going somewhere you have not been to before allows you to meet new people, which can create some interesting new romantic opportunities.

#Profession: Dress your best and try to see things on the bright side. People may be more stressed than usual and forget that you need a big dose of appreciation to start the day right. Things lighten soon. There is luck in the air for associations and written contracts. You may want to break with some tradition and do something original with your favorite coworkers. You can be especially popular by encouraging a spirit of fun.

#Money: Even though your career is going through a little renaissance now, with new opportunities to take the reins, your relationships may not feel all the support of your new direction. It's not that you're not doing a good job, it's that some of your contacts may not know how to handle your new power. Well, bad for them, because you're going up with or without them!

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