#Sanitary from 15 to 21 for May

#General: With the current focus on your lifestyle sector, you may be curious about how to best use your time to achieve more things.

#Sanitary from 15 to 21 for May

#General: With the current focus on your lifestyle sector, you may be curious about how to make the best use of your time to achieve more things. The next week could take you to look more closely at your routines and daily activities, and to reorganize them to have more freedom of action. In addition, you might find that a new hobby, sport or creative activity has a liberating effect, and put friendships on your way that will be very welcome.

#Amor Couple: If you still have no money saved, propose to generate a budget during the first days of the week. Saving money for an emergency is imperative if you want your relationship to be long-term. You like to remember special romantic moments during the weekend, but try not to embarrass your love in front of other people. Some memories should only be left between the two of you.

#Amor Singles: Money is an important factor in your romantic plans during the beginning of the week and you are looking for affordable ways to have a good time. Read some blogs or some magazines about how to have quotes with a budget to find ways to make things with little money. Great memories of a previous relationship come to mind during the weekend and it's fun to remember the love blunders. Now that there is a bit of emotional distance, you can laugh at everything you want about the things that did not go so well.

#Profession: This term can bring problems to a critical point. If you are in the middle of a crisis, do not rush to make a decision. It may help to wait a few days until everything has calmed down. This occasion is excellent for planning and working on new ideas. You can have a lot of enthusiasm with a project that seems sure to generate cash. Seek feedback before you get stuck in errors.

#Money: There are changes happening in your career sector now. Certain labor issues are very important to you, but try not to let them consume all your energy this week. It may be simply because the energy is so concentrated here. But you can always choose to strike a balance between the money you are earning and the friends and family you would like to visit from time to time.

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