#Sanitary from 20 to 26 for February

#Sanitary from 20 to 26 for February

#General: Try to take care of your finances during the next few days because you could spend more on the impulse of the moment, which could throw away all the work you did to accommodate your finances. If you need to vent, create a fun plan that does not cost a fortune. Or you can take a few days full of adventure but that will leave you with enough money in your pocket.

#Amor Couple: Love is really a trip at the beginning of the week, maybe even in the literal sense. If you find yourself wanting to travel as a couple, planning ahead can ease some tension and pressure when you are on the road. You propose to spend just and necessary in the last days of the week, which could generate tensions with your love if you want to spend money. At times like this, coming to a compromise could save the relationship.

#Amor Singles: Do not you know what the next step will be? A little indecision when it comes to love is not something to fear. Be open to the possibilities of what awaits you around the corner. Money does matter (maybe more than it should) this weekend, and you can find someone who is very or very impressed with your bank account. The numbers should not be important. It is what is inside that really matters.

#Profession: You will be happier in any planning position, where you can use your imagination and help others feel more appreciated. The energy is exciting now. You can give a positive impression to clients or authorities. Get up and stay as active as possible. Things will calm down later. It will be very important to follow the rules. This is a good time to plan or establish a recycling program at work.

#Money: This week is perfect to have a transforming mentality. The astral aspects shake your home sector and awaken some internal feelings. You may feel some instability in these areas and may need to spend some time healing and developing a recovery plan. Take all the time you need to make it happen.

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