#27 Sanitary from February to March 5

#27 Sanitary from February to March 5

#General: It is possible that you can not contain the impulse of fun and adventure that motivates you in the coming days. If you have the opportunity to take a short break, it would be ideal for you to take the time to consider it. Concentrating on your daily tasks and activities may not be easy if you only think about fun and games. If you manage to escape to a warm place and you realize that you are falling in love, retrograde Venus indicates that it might not go as you expected.

#Amor Couple: How tied is your past to your present? How often do you see the photos of when they first met or remember details of the first date or the first kiss? Remembering these good times keeps the romance alive at the beginning of the week. The weekend brings stress and boredom, but a relationship can not be fun all the time. It solves all the bad things that can happen so that they can have a bit of fun as a couple.

#Amor Singles:
Do you still hold the candle to someone from your past? When you think of your ex, do you wish they were still together? Get in touch with that person if you think there is still a spark there. If not, it may be time for you to let go of that fantasy of being together again. You feel tired at the end of the week, but an opportunity to have an appointment increases your energy. It is better to repent of something you did than of something you did not do.

#Profession: Your temperament and pride can bring out the best in you now. Take care of your words in professional environments. Things soften shortly. This is a powerful moment to recognize the contributions of coworkers. This period can be marked dramatically. You will bring a positive and funny energy to the table. Do not feel resentful if you have to work overtime. Improve your professional dress.

#Money: This week's astral activity takes place in your career and authority sector. The Universe asks you to put more of your focus on its progress. It is not enough to leave your work life at random. On the other hand, careful steps towards a specific professional objective will give you the best results and maximum profitability.

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