#Sanitary from 29 from May to 04 from June

#General: Fun plans may trip over your job or your work obligations.

#Sanitary from 29 from May to 04 from June

#General: Fun plans can trip over your job or your work obligations. But if you can find a way to delegate some tasks, it may be possible to escape. The cosmos hastens you to find creative ways to have fun without it being too expensive. You can see that, by thinking differently, you can enjoy an experience for free or with little money. All that is needed is the ability to adopt a different perspective that puts new possibilities in the center of attention.

#Amor Couple: Having found true love makes you feel that you are the luckiest person, but was it really a matter of luck? You may not realize what you and your partner really did so they can be together. Just because you want to have the last word during the weekend does not mean you'll have it. Talking hard does not mean you're right.

#Amor Singles: When you see your friends who have a partner at the beginning of the week, you can not help but wonder where your soul mate is. Why are you the only person who has not been able to find true love? But feeling sorry for your person will not get you anywhere. Have positive thoughts while you wait for your "perfect partner". Discussing is not the ideal way to start an appointment over the weekend, but a spark-of any kind-can ignite a flame. Passion is passion.

#Profession: Your careful and reserved personality will be very useful now. Expect to see some results for all your dedication and hard work. This period focuses on health. This could include a conversation with your human resources representative. You can also open the doors to any occupation related to health. Avoid over analyzing any situation with co-workers. There is no benefit in waiting for perfection in you and in others. Repair or replace tools that are not working correctly.

#Money: As a genius of networking, you know how to do it. Your relationships are important not only for business reasons, but also to relieve yourself after work. With a harmonious aspect in your social sector, you are making more friends and even laying the foundations for future collaborations. You have been making considerable agreements, so it is not a bad time to get the final account. Beware of spending excessively on your friendships.

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