Horoscope of this Week Sagittarius | 28 from August to 3 from September

Horoscope of this Sagittarius Week

28 from August to 3 from September

This Week Sagittarius Moon the first quarter in your sign is improving your personal growth by shaking your goals. You are motivated to think about where you are going in your work life. Do you fulfill your personal life? Mercury retrograde in Leo will inspire you to seek spiritual knowledge. You will have the opportunity to participate in group discussions that focus on religion, culture or travel. And, you can be drawn to someone who is well informed in one or more of those areas. However, you should not make travel or education plans until Mercury goes to run the September 5.

This Sagittarius Week marching, standing tall, being the best you can be despite all odds, but you can not help but feel emotional about the people who were clearly against you. You are sad because you could not see how impressive and hardworking you are, they could not support you and be there for you, and without them, there is this emptiness. Sure, you do not have your negativity obstructing your messenger or your newsfeed, you do not have that nasty text message to you, and you do not have your brainwashing words that makes you guess everything, but without them you have. What? Nothing?

You have this hole in your heart and you need to fill it with good people, with a job that is rewarding and activities that you like to do. It's okay to go to the cinema by yourself, go to the climbing wall, hit the archery area and let loose arrows. Do what you have to do to fill your life with positive things, and allow yourself to be free. You are always looking for that next trip, that thing that will make your life feel full and worthwhile, stop holding you back, if you want to go to Greece, do it, reserve, if you want to go to South Africa do that too. You have all the power in you, and although finances do not always want to behave, you're going to work on that so you can enjoy the things you want.

This Week Sagittarius the Moon moves to Sagittarius on Monday and you are trying to be strong. Mercury moves to Leo on Thursday when the Moon moves to Capricorn and forgets them, the best revenge is success. The Moon moves to Aquarius on Saturday and no matter how strange it is, do it anyway. Mercury is in conjunction with Mars on Sunday, bringing intellectualism.

During this week the people of Sagittarius will begin a stage in which they will feel a lot of desire to improve as a person and the people who work for you will be grateful. The next few days will be quite difficult in the workplace, you will feel more insecure than ever and you will see ghosts that do not exist. You have all the preparation and the capacity to occupy the position that you have in your place of work, although many of your colleagues would like to be in your place, nobody is plotting a plan to take it from you. You have an excess of distrust towards the people around you, which makes you feel threatened and in turn that feeling increases your insecurity.

The next few days will be ideal to end that vicious circle that spoils your professional life and does not allow you to enjoy it. In the field of finance and business, this week today there will be an event that will force you to stop dreaming about impossible things and return to reality. During the last weeks they have been working ardently in a commercial venture with which you were very excited. However, if you reflect you will realize that your plans were very fancy. For a business or any project to work, you need to be realistic and not be carried away by your desires.

During the next few days you will have to adapt your plans to the resources you have and even if you are a bit disappointed, it will be very beneficial for your commercial activity in the long run.

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