Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope | 21 at 27 in August

Horoscope Weekly Sagittarius

21 to August 27

Your morals or beliefs are challenged by this week's solar Eclipse, and you can find yourself on the left with more questions than answers. It could be an uncomfortable experience. Talk to your faith leaders, or look for answers within meditation.

On Monday 21 in August, the second of two rare moons of Leon will launch rays through its ninth expansion house and global getaways - which is also the house associated with its larger than life sign. If that's not exciting enough, it's a super-charged solar eclipse, suggesting that, over the next six months, your ambitious plans could go around the world. Keep your schedule more flexible, as it may be crisscrossing the country or the planet on a semi-regular basis. Even if you are just commuting from your place in the suburb to your concert in the city, you can slide into a more exploratory mindset. "Adventure" is in the eye of the beholder, and with the intrepid Lion overseeing his ninth house of travel, studies and entrepreneurship, he could enter a brave new world where he is writing and directing the script and starring in it. When creative Venus joins the party on Saturday (until the September 19), one of your ideas could catch the attention of a power broker who can not write a check fast enough to make sure!

On Tuesday, you may have to pump the brakes and shock absorbers down with a great work project as the sun embarks on its annual stay through Virgo and its tenth house of the race, ambition and success until the 22 of September. Month-like focus on some of your main professional goals. During this surge of solar energy, people will be taking note of you and your efforts, so be sure to put in at least the 150 percent at all times. If you are looking to make a change, what you do now is even more important. In the selection, let some select people know what they are looking for, which could include a top executive recruiter. There is no reason not to put your probes. Even if you stay off, you have achieved the important task of reconnecting with some key players, who now know how to think about you when appropriate opportunities open up. Maintain the impetus by socializing more with the influencers of your industry. Do you want a sure way to get a finger in the door? Volunteers to work in a big event. But as your time is limited, prioritize what you spend. When you keep your eye on the prize, it becomes crystal clear what is worth going and what can and should be omitted.

Relief in his personal life comes on Friday, when the task manager Saturn is broken by a frustrating setback of four and a half months through his sign. The planet of structure and long-term planning has been turning upside down in Sagittarius since the April 6, during which it has been a challenge to use all its power. It may have been difficult to get things off the ground or get all the necessary players on the same page. But that comes to an end this week, and it will return to its optimistic, optimistic and optimistic self. And if things still feel a bit overwhelming, you will have the confidence that you can find a way to achieve it. (Hint: Think about delegation and outsourcing, even if it costs a little more, it will be worth not feeling physically and emotionally drained 24 / 7.) With Saturn stomping, you can also see the long view And instinctively know what strategies can work better in what situations. Roll up the sleeves and do not stop smoking until the mission is completed. And take a minute to reflect on the lessons Saturn has taught you, even if they are difficult, such as staying humble, never giving up, and knowing viscerally that what does not kill you really makes you stronger.

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