Runes Week Sagittarius | 17 to the 23 of July | Text

Runic prediction and angelic message for the sign of Sagittarius for the week of the 17 to the 23 of July of 2.017 - Transcript

Runes Sagittarius Week

17 to the 23 of July

This is the version of the post with the transcription of the video included IN THIS ENTRY, with a series of tips and novelties that we hope you also like, anyway we would like you to give us opinions in the posts that you would like to see added to the spreads or predictions in order to reach you more deeply, since everything we do With the utmost respect and love of the world towards you, it is what makes us strong every day.

The rune that governs you indicates new beginnings. What you have lived until now must change, but you must take the reins. Something must end to be reborn under a new form. It's time for initiatives. To gather strength to be able to take the next big step in your life and grow. Possibly there are aspects of your life that after this week you see differently.

In the health, during this week you are going to shut yourself in yourselves. At first you will believe that it is the best way for nothing external to hurt you, but with this attitude you will only get more stress and anxieties. It is good that you use time to be with yourselves, but at the moment when that causes you an upset, you should seek help from those around you, or even professional help. It is time to talk, share your problems with people of extreme confidence and listen to their opinions or advice, even if you do not take them literally. An external vision always allows the entrance of air to your situation and therefore provides a perspective vision that, without a doubt, you will need.

At work, You may feel that you do not receive enough retribution for your responsibilities and tasks, however, and despite being a little annoying, that is not a major problem. Currently you feel protected, you notice stability and that is why you are going to be able to see that several paths open up before you. Maybe it's time for you to observe carefully, the runes do not implicitly speak of changes, but if they predict a movement, the activation of new projects that will be more satisfying than your current work. This does not necessarily mean changing jobs, it is possible that you can combine these projects with your current work. You will feel positive and happy to see that your project advances.

In love, you feel happy and comfortable. Your relationships, both at the level of a couple and with friends and loved ones, are spontaneous and natural and that is why you are more plethoric than on other occasions. Good times seem to have no end and you are willing to enjoy them to the fullest. While that happens, fate is weaving surprises for you. Everything suggests that these surprises are positive, however, it is not possible to know exactly.

The Council of Angels: If you want to make God laugh, explain your plans. Many times we plan to have everything under control, when we know that we can not really control anything.

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