Taurus horoscope today | 11 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Taurus today

11 / 08 / 2017

Your imagination is powerful, so let your creative juices flow today. Develop some skill or interest that has been in the back burning for a while. Sometimes it is necessary to affirm their authority, even in a social context. Today may be an occasion when you need to take control of your peer group. Strangely, you can do this by being absent instead of trying to enforce your views. You persist in pursuing your goals today, but others may see this as selfish. As a result, it can be blocked by those who normally support it. The center of attention is to keep things light and windy in your social circumstances.

You have been working hard. An extra burst of vigor and insight have pushed him into the thick of today's competition. You and your opponents are equally skilled. It is the divination of anyone who goes ahead. At this point, the routine is not so exciting for you. In fact, it feels like a lot of hard work. Will not it feel good to stop? Remember that soon you can relax. Today, keep your energy and focus on reaching the goal.

Taurus today is the day to make the decision to release stress from your body, you can opt for an exercise routine or take a relaxation course, regardless of what you choose will be good for you, since you come accumulating a lot of tension especially in the area of shoulders and in your mind.

Someone you know well will commit an indiscretion that could harm you, get close to that person and ask for explanations about the reasons that led to that.

You will receive an invitation to see a show that will make you appreciate art and cultural expression again, do not deny this however much you have a backlog, it will give you a new vision about reality and you will do a better job tomorrow.

The family is watching your life, make a visit to your parents or your siblings, if you have them, you need to see them more often.

Daily meditation: There was no harm in aiming, even if the goal was a dream. - John Knowles, a separate peace

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