#Tauro 02 / 06 / 2017

#General: The astral configuration is producing a peaceful and relaxing vibration.

#Tauro 02 / 06 / 2017

#General: The astral configuration is producing a gentle and relaxing vibration. Today you will only want to have fun and enjoy the moment with your loved ones. You could be playing with children or sharing nice conversations with your family. Enjoy a delicious homemade meal, allow yourself to relax. You deserve to have a good time after all the work you've done in recent weeks!

#Love: Use your wits to entertain your partner but, without abusing! Why should you be careful? The next time you are in a social situation and have had a few cocktails, pay attention to the way you treat your partner in public. You will understand

#Profession: The attitude of satiety and resentment of someone in your environment will spoil the party. It is possible that this person will try to tell you how to do your work and also how to manage your life. Do not even stop to listen. Pretend it's a loud radio, and turn it off.

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admin : My name is Morgana, I am a witch of 40 years, since I was very young I have been called the occult sciences and mystery, although in my family there is no history of it, but in all families there is the weirdo :), in mine It's me.