Taurus horoscope today | 05 / 09 / 2017

Horoscope of Taurus today

05 / 09 / 2017

Taurus today You may feel the urge to temporarily escape from reality by searching for hidden places of physical or mental isolation. This will not work as professional demands begin to recede. You may want to escape all the confusing elements that seem to be surrounding your environment at this time, but you need to be patient. You could also have rather strange experiences with dreams, visions or even possible contacts with deceased people from the past. If you are not using a journal, you should be! Careless planning will cost more than your peace of mind. Your valuables and money should be stored in safe places now.

Most people's emotions are shaken today. For some, this is an uncomfortable experience, but for you, it could bring a powerful sense of connection with the people around you. You are more aware than ever of the ties that unite you with your human companions, with other animals, and with the same land. This is a very fundamental energy, and that allows you to appreciate your life and your loved ones deeply.

Taurus today the retrograde phase of Mercury comes to an end today. In the coming weeks, poor communication from family and roommates, as well as other domestic setbacks, will begin to be resolved. However, these problems may not be fully resolved until after the September 19. Even if progress is slow, you can trust that things are moving in the right direction. Today Mars moves towards demanding Virgo and the kingdom that governs your love life, children and creativity. By the end of October, a lot of energy will be spent trying to get these issues exactly the way you want. When you're fired, you will not accept a no answer.

Taurus today temptations that take you away from the beloved could appear today, you should take care of them and remember the love and commitment you have with the person you chose as a life companion.

Do not let third parties get involved in your relationship, either in person or by other means of contact, if you need to talk about what happens in your love life, do not choose a stranger to vent, choose a friend or talk this with your partner.

A new person could enter your life and if you are without commitment this is very good news, the problem is that you will not know how to handle the situation well at the beginning, seek advice from someone who has more experience in this.

You have to talk to one of your parents, if they are still with you, about an economic problem you have, do not stop doing it, they will help you.

Daily meditation: Treasure the love you receive above all. He will survive long after his good health has disappeared. - Og Mandino

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