Taurus horoscope today | 11 / 09 / 2017

Horoscope of Taurus today

11 / 09 / 2017

Taurus today He can be an element of disruption in his work environment right now so concentration can not be all that easy. This is a critical period for you in which you are trying to do your best and thinking of ways to present your work in the best possible way. You want to be seen as new, exciting and one step ahead of others at this time, but you know that it may not be in keeping with your true self. Pretense is a poor substitute for the truth and others will see through this stratagem. If you feel comfortable in your role today, it means that you are playing the game of life correctly. Do a good job for the good of work and do not act impulsively, while the Sun, Mars and Mercury occupy your fifth house of creativity. You may be acting on a whim instead of facts.

Today you are in a chatty mood. Everyone seems interesting, and you are enjoying your smart wit, too. You can not get much accomplished, unless you are working on a project that relies on the establishment of a network. His approach is scattered at best. This is just one of those days when you are more talking and less action. At least you are gathering good ideas that you can use later.

Taurus today Emotional spending can nullify your common sense. The Moon in your money zone in front of Mercury and Mars may ask you to buy something on impulse that will make you feel good. Maybe you are looking forward to embarking on a romantic getaway with your partner or attending an expensive concert with friends. Dinner at a fancy restaurant would do the trick too. Because your emotions are at the top, it would be prudent to wait until tomorrow (or later) to make an extravagant purchase. There's nothing wrong with splurging from time to time, but you're likely to buy something you'll regret later if you splurge today.

Taurus today Moment you will have confidence and confidence in what you do, what you have chosen as a career in the past was a good decision, but you have been losing faith in you and your talent.

Do not let some stumbles make you desist on the road, you always have to come back to stop and try, no matter how many times you fall.

An opportunity to demonstrate what you know how to do will come to you today, try not to stop studying or forget what you have learned as a result of the nerves that this can cause you.

A very close person will be looking for you today and will contact you through a message, be sure to meet with her, she could have good news.

It's a good day for business and to form partnerships, you will not regret it.

Love walks safe, do not let it escape.

Daily Meditation: Do not tell people how to do things, tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results. - George Patton

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