Taurus horoscope today | 27 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Taurus today

27 / 08 / 2017

Taurus today his employer or supervisor can be dominant, a project he planned can be stopped by a government regulation, and proposals to companies and companies are rejected because his ideas are considered eccentric, impractical and not well researched. His frustrations, however, must be happening now because of Jupiter's enhanced influence in his sixth home of workplace activities. Do not confuse having things with happiness. The best things in life are not material. However, if you want more, reduce superfluous expenses. You need help from someone right now and a quick call or email will provoke a positive response.

You feel passionately attached to your opinions today, even more than usual. This can make negotiating difficult, especially if you are arguing with someone close to you, such as a family member or a best friend. If someone does not agree with you, it can be deeply hurtful, almost like a personal rejection. And yet, logically, you know that everyone is different. Remember that each person has the right to their own point of view.

Taurus today whether you are in a relationship or flying alone, the Moon in your association zone can arouse strong emotions about marriage, commitment or equality. This will be especially intense if you are struggling with some inner anguish about your love life. Maybe you are dealing with a problem in your relationship or feel dissatisfied with being on your own. This is an ideal time to do some soul searching or reach a confidant to get clarity about your situation. If you are happy with this area of ​​your life, having a meaningful conversation with your partner or with a close friend will warm your heart.

Taurus today love is in doubt, you may be between two people and you do not know what to decide, do not commit an injustice and always be true with the people you see or with whom you are intimately involved, you can not play with the feelings of the others, if they are aware of it and have no problems, then it was time to decide, you can not continue with this situation forever.

You may experience desires to leave your job today to look for new opportunities, take some time to think about it and start looking for other options, but do not lose the security you have now, it is not the time to venture.

Watch your lungs for pollution, spend a few days in the countryside and visit a park daily away from the city center.

You need to start improving your way of speaking and your writing, read more in your spare time.

Daily Meditation: Happiness, as a child, must be allowed to grow. - Charles Morgan

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