Taurus horoscope today | 29 / 09 / 2017

Horoscope of Taurus today

29 / 09 / 2017

Taurus today Conversations about your work or health will be the theme of Mercury that transits through Libra. Between now and the October 16, you'll be interested in talking about topics that improve your efficiency or fitness regimen and reduce your stress. This is an ideal time to discuss health issues with a professional. You will have an idea that can launch a work project. However, the level of occupation will escape from your hands unless you manage the tasks to get everything done. Giving priority and delegating will help accomplish the tasks. Volunteering can also be on your mind, which can inspire you to participate in an activity that benefits your community.

Taurus today a trip to the countryside or to any place outside the city is always good, try to do this today or if you can not, start planning from now on an outing with the family or by yourself.

You have the opportunity to find a new person in your life, you only need to pay attention to the people you are getting to know, inside of them you could be the one who makes you happy in a more time.

Today you will receive a very important message regarding a possible transfer of work that you have requested, it will be a positive response, so you can feel very good about it.

An important moment with your partner will give you the guidelines to make certain decisions that imply your quality of life and that of your family, you need to take good options that make them lead a life always much better.

Do not hesitate to make healthy changes in your diet.

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