Taurus weekend horoscope | 1 to the September 3

Taurus weekend horoscope

September 1 to 3

Your weekend horoscope reveals a lot of activity that happens on the home front. It might seem like a disturbance to the peace loving Taurus, but it could also be the answer to a secret dream. You crave change in your life situation or family arrangement, but you tend to wait until an outside element forces your hand and sets things in motion. A discussion could heat up. Try to keep an open mind and listen for unusual solutions to a problem. A great project or task can benefit from the advice of someone who can establish the limits that will shape their vision.

You do not know how useful your partner is going to be, but you need to have a conversation with someone about the changes that are happening in your world and the way you feel like a complete failure in some way.

You also need some hugs and a distraction from the world, but sometimes you have to spend the weekend working on getting the new life plan ordered rather than enjoying the benefits of the current life plan. You just have to be smart about how to spend your time, you only have so many days to complete the things that need to be done. The Moon moves to Aquarius on Saturday. Mercury is in conjunction with Mars on Sunday.

The Taurus should not hesitate a single minute to get this person from the job they love so much. We already know that mixing things is something that can bring us problems, but in their case, they will know how to perfectly separate the two aspects of their lives. And this is one of the best people for them, so they have no choice but to decide what is best for them or what they prefer.

Those who have a couple will live a somewhat complicated situation and they will see how their partners are full of jealousy just for the good that they take with someone, whether someone from work or friends. The Taurus should look a little more before doing things.

Ascending: You may not have much time for hugs

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