Taurus weekend horoscope | 11 at 13 in August

Horoscope Taurus weekend

11 to August 13

If you are coming around the difficulties of hectic week at work, some of your work commitments may come over on your weekend, Taurus. This may mean that you need to handle other people's expectations if you have to change your plans somewhat. If you are in a relationship, your partner will be understanding. Tune in your instincts this weekend, as they will be increased and will serve you well, Taurus.

Taurus bachelor, this weekend there are movements in your letter in the area of ​​love and romance. It's time to leave the phone at home and go out and have fun. Leaving your phone at home will mean that you are not distracted, and this will work in your favor. If there is someone who is trying to get your attention, take note of this and act accordingly, Taurus.

You want to find your concentration, but you feel that you can not stop thinking about the way things are now the same, and while some of that is good, in terms of people in your life, couples who are in love with you , children always needing you, in other words, it's just too much monotony. You need to spice it up somehow and do something different, do something that does not involve going from the house to the store, to work, to home, to do something like go to the beach, or go out to the lake in a boat, have a bonfire with the Friends, just change. You can not be stuck forever. The sun trines Saturn on Sunday and the Moon moving to Taurus.

The Taurus will find new business opportunities this weekend and this is something that they should keep in mind, because it is clear that they need to have more work or find another one that gives them more hours, etc. If you are looking for it, this is a weekend where you will find what you are looking for.

Regarding love, we must say that the weekend will be varied, because those who have a partner will be fine, but those who are single will begin to be discouraged a little. And this is precisely what they should not do, because things can go better if they believe in themselves and have the certainty that, in the end, they will find their ideal partner.

Ascendant Taurus: You need to change everything in every moment and again.

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