Taurus weekend horoscope | 8 to the September 10

Horoscope Taurus weekend

September 8 to 10

An epiphany about your home or family life could influence your plans for the weekend. A dream or a secret longing can provide a clue as to what to do. Your weekend horoscope reveals that you can be drawn to check out a destination that feels spiritually powerful for you. It could be a place of worship, a workshop or retirement center, or an energetic hot spot located in nature. An awakening of types may be at hand. Are you ready to embrace your power? Or will you keep your light hidden under a basket? It will not be long before the basket goes up in flames. Know when it's time to grow! Taurus.

Single Taurus, You have hit that "dead to the world" place and even if your partner is very excited about something in your life and have all the energy to do things, you just do not have to get up and go to join them. You will tell them that it is okay, that they can go do the things that you are going to sleep on, think about their plan, and get some perspective on the next step.
, Taurus.

A very important part of you does not know if you can keep doing this, not without some kind of supplies, or some inspiration or some kick in the ass to get you out. Of course, this is affecting the quality of your relationship, which is the last thing you wanted. The Moon moves to Taurus on Saturday while Mercury moves to Virgo.

The Taurus will have quite important discussions at work and with the family, but the truth is that they never listen to their advice and end up having to ask for help in what they have already been told. In this sense, we would advise them to look for a person they could trust and who could enjoy their advice.

As for those who have a partner, these will be quite upset with them for the same reason. And is that the Taurus do not understand that when things go wrong, their partners also suffer.

Ascending: You do not think you can keep doing this

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