Taurus horoscope today | 06 / 09 / 2017

Horoscope of Taurus today

06 / 09 / 2017

Taurus today getting your feelings in the open with friends may seem so easy today that you probably do not get upset, but you should. The planets support you to express yourself and encourage others to express themselves in the name of better relationships. Your ability to lead by example is an opportunity that, if taken now, can help establish that you as a resource for others who need motivation and guidance. You have a fascination for games and any kind of peculiar entertainment now. Some vital information comes right now. This can help you get rid of a circumstance that has held you back. A short trip may also be necessary.

A deep sense of comfort permeates your soul today. You are incredibly generous with other people, because your own wants and needs seem much less important than usual. Or maybe it's that you're much more aware of other people and their emotional lives than usual. Your heart is aimed at people who seem vulnerable. If a friend needs his strength, he will provide it without having to ask.

Taurus Today's Full Moon in touching Pisces increases your team spirit and makes deep soul-to-soul connections with friends and special colleagues. The time you spend with people who are in your mystical or artistic wavelength will feel especially significant, but you know that the magical feeling of connection today is something out of the ordinary and that things can look very different when the harsh light of the reality is put on. It does not mean that you should not take your encounters seriously, but that you should be aware that you may be idealizing certain aspects of an individual's personality instead of taking the full measure of what they are.

Taurus today you start taking life too seriously and you are giving little space to fun and play.

Try to practice some team sport that you like, it could be a good opportunity to strengthen ties with friends, meet new people and deliver a good state of health to your body.

You have to decide what you will do with your life, if you are entering the studies, you should stop postponing this process, if you have already taken a break to think the matter well, then it is time to take the option that you have inside you , You know which one is.

Follow your intuition in love, you know there is a person waiting for you, but you are afraid to step into their arms, the fear is that despite having the assurance that it will be a good thing, you do not know if you are ready to love again , stop hiding and follow your feelings.

Daily Meditation: Every problem is a gift without problems we would not grow. - Anthony Robbins

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