Taurus monthly horoscope | Julio 2017

In the first 13 days, thanks to the support of Venus, the love landscape will be highly rewarding.

Horoscope monthly Taurus

July 2017

This month, Saturn will enter the seventh house of your moon sign, and as a result, you will see some new changes in your business, as well as in your married life, since your partner would show extravagant behavior. Long trips would generate good financial results. Your father's support in business would do wonders for you. The transit of the planet Jupiter in your fifth house will awaken your interest in the writings and occult sciences. The education and health status of your children may decrease, but at the same time enormous benefits will fall into your lap. Your mother's health could be negatively affected. You can stay away from your home or change your place of residence during this month. You may have to try by many means to maintain harmony and peace in your home, as it will be difficult. There may be changes in your professional practices. The transit of Venus in the first house will keep you fit and healthy. Your attractive personality and your magnetic communication power will make people feel attracted to you. The position of Mars in your second home will bring great profits from foreign connections. Your child can get a new job during this period, and you will benefit through it.

In the first 13 days, thanks to the support of Venus, the love landscape will be highly rewarding. Those Bulls that do not have a partner will surely know the person they so longed for and with whom they will live satisfying and unforgettable moments.

The gravitation of Mars by the sign of Taurus from the 1 to the 26, will give your life more eroticism and sexual activity than romanticism. If you are a somewhat repressed Bull, prepare yourself to live great passions: it will be completely uninhibited. His amatory capacity will be greatly increased and he will not hesitate to let himself be carried away by the dictates of his most primal and savage instincts.

If you already have a stable relationship, the first days of the month will be ideal to formalize or to think about increasing the family. But from the 14 it would be prudent to leave the emotional terrain blank. He must appeal to his sanity and self-control not to react forcefully.

Keep in mind that the peace of your home will hang on a thread that can be broken with great ease. Due to the bad influence of Mercury it is a really unfavorable time to buy property or start a business. Avoid asking for money or lending it, if you want to avoid having encounters with friends.

Stay alert throughout the month, because your work can present serious problems. In the workplace he will be more irritable and moody, a trend that will increase in the last days of the month. Remember, if you do not want to be demanded, do not demand too much from others, much less your bosses and superiors.

A healthy physical activity will help you relieve tension. If you do not like sports, at least go for a walk. Do it in wooded areas and try to make the walk as long as possible.

Lucky days: 6, 15, 24

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