#Tauro June 2017

#General: Venus enters the 6 in Tauro in June. Life becomes simpler and more beautiful.

#Tauro June 2017

#General: Venus enters the 6 in Tauro in June. Life becomes simpler and more beautiful. You are in the mood to pamper yourself and feel more comfortable. Do not overdo the tastes or overdo the budget, okay? Daily life could be briefly complicated near the full moon of June's 9, and people can make it look worse than it is. There is a background of many good things that are happening and that everyone is overlooking. Keep the organization and motivation. The New Moon of the 23 of June activates your circle of friends and neighbors. Wake up your curiosity about new stores or nearby parks, and discover fun things. Let your attention flow into a new comic or graphic novel.

Best days: 1, 3, 20

Worst days: 11, 19

#Amor Singles: Venus and Uranus make peace in the form of a conjunction the June 3, and you receive the exciting residual effect of the sparks of romance. You never know when you will feel incredible chemistry with someone new, so be prepared. Mercury feels at home when the 6 of June enters Gemini, so your flirting skills are exactly where they need to be. A wink or an equally provocative gesture helps to close the deal. The opposition between Pluto and Mercury from the June 29 could interfere with the flow of an appointment, especially if both insist on being right. Do not stay with negative feelings after the end of the conversation.

#Amor Couple: A conjunction between Venus and Uranus the June 3 emits some very significant sparks. You do not know for sure what you have ahead, but it seems to be exciting and new. Mercury transits towards the idealist Gemini the 6 of June, one of his favorite places. Communication flows freely and organically, and the conversations between you and your love are not tense or clumsy in the least. The opposition between Pluto and Mercury the June 29 comes with its own asperities. If you decide to say what you really think, you may regret it. Keep things distant and civilized until the atmosphere for making romantic proclamations is more favorable.

#Job: You will produce impressive results with little budget at the beginning of June. Do not let your boss reduce your funds even more after seeing the fruits of your labor. Instead, ask for more money. It is just to receive a reward for turning hay into gold. Financial talks are suggested especially on the days around the June 9. You will receive positive comments on the June 23. People appreciate the time and attention they receive when they work with you. Do not let people in positions of power pressure you to adopt an attitude centered solely on business. The secret of your success is your knowledge about what you like and what people do not like.

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