#Tauro March 2017

#Tauro March 2017

#General: Venus becomes retrograde the March 4. Be more assertive in the pursuit of your own loving interests. Moments of fun become interesting under the full Moon of March's 12. Your social circle may have a strong emotional influence on your heart, but if it is not fun, it will not attract you. Your idea of ​​fun may seem boring to your friends, but it is what makes you happy. The New Moon of the March 27 inspires you to come up with elaborate and solid plans that could completely change your life. Do you feel like doing something big? Make the plan and start soon.

#Amor Singles: Take advantage of the productive energy generated by the Mars / Saturn trine of the March 5. Maybe you do not achieve everything immediately, but even a small step towards your romantic future is a great achievement. The powerful Mars enters the 9 of Taurus in March, which may be out of tune. You usually do things calmly, so meeting people who want to move fast can be a bit unsettling. Put limits that make you feel comfortable and do not trespass. The New Moon in Aries of the March 27 allows you to take a look at what you can have if you struggle to get it. What's stopping you?

#Amor Couple: The Mars / Saturn trine of the March 5 results in a super productive period in your relationship. Do you remember all the projects you had with your partner? Now is the time. Mars leaves Aries for Taurus the March 9, which gives mixed results for the Bulls. On the one hand, the intentionality of this aspect is complemented by your nature. On the other hand, you may feel that your impatient partner rushes you into the relationship when you want to slow down. The New Moon in Aries of the March 27 is a good time to plan future projects of two, and it will be nice to have something to be excited about.

#Job: Your artistic ability will be celebrated when the Full Moon that attracts all eyes shines its light in the middle of the month. If you have always wanted to work in the artistic field, this is a good time to apply for a job in a theater, movie studio or a haute couture firm. Any work that ignites your imagination is good. The March 27, you may be adjusting to a different role. Adopting a lower profile will allow you to concentrate fully on acquiring skills. Fortunately, you will be surrounded by helpful people who will love to introduce you.

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