Taurus Monthly Horoscope | October 2017

Horoscope Monthly Taurus

October 2017

The tenth month of the year 2017 comes much more calm and with more smiles for those of the sign of Taurus. A convulsive stage, however brief it may be and even if it means only a small blip after living good times, can sink even the most optimistic. Those born between the 21 of April and the 21 of May have had to cross a small wasteland, nothing serious, but in which they had to be very careful to go downhill. Fortunately, the Taurus are strong, persistent and bet on security and stability, and are not willing to throw it all away. .

Taurus October 2017

You can never sing victory when it comes to the fate and power of the stars, but the strength of the Taurus seems to be bombproof for the moment, although they will have to continue putting all the meat in the grill for the Things come out to them as they want. Discover what the 2017 month of October holds in health, love, money and work if you are Taurus.

Overcoming the sunstrokes, sunburn and indigestion, it seemed that you were going to find yourself in fullness, but Ay dear or dear Taurus! You have less care than you should. Sometimes you believe yourself invincible and even the king of the Zodiac; see that you do not usually sin of pride, but you are greedy or greedy, so remember that invincible there is no one, and that the throne of the Zodiac is occupied by Leo. That said, the month of October is coming hard for you, you want to end a month of September that in terms of health has not been too optimal. Beyond that your physical state has given you some complication, has not been so serious unless you are an older person or with previous pathologies, but the worst has been that your mood has not been the most favorable. The stars warned you that you should be careful, and it is just what you have to do if you do not want to spend a complicated autumn in the event that you live in the Northern Hemisphere, or a difficult spring if you live south of the equator.

Do not let your guard down with the change of season.
The truth is that the tenth month of the year will be more favorable for you. You will feel a little better each time, and much more adapted or adapted to the change of season, which apparently has cost you a little more than on other occasions. Whatever it is, it seems that you recover, although you should not drop the guard if you do not want to have a dislike. In another order of things, you will have to monitor the currents. Do not expose yourself too much when you are ventilating the rooms, or put yourself under jets of air conditioning, that although it is not time yet in some places they are working, and watch your throat a lot so as not to catch an annoying cold of those at halftime, which you know that they are the ones that get worse. If you are alert and take care of yourself, you will spend a quiet and favorable month of October in health matters.

The change of trend is going to be noticed also for the Taurus and those who have a partner. The previous weeks were not as positive as you expected, since it meant the end of the honeymoon and the beginning of a somewhat complicated stage. They were days of silly discussions, of unnecessary anger and of asking yourself what was wrong with the relationship. And what was wrong? The answer is nothing ... there is no perfect match, and in all there are good times and others that are not so much, but that does not mean that the romance is mortally wounded. In the event that it were, a bad streak would be just another sign that the relationship has to come to an end.

Your courtship is going to be much more pleasant.
The fact is that, dear or dear Taurus, you will feel much better in October than you felt before, which will lead to a marriage or a relationship that is much more pleasant for both of you. Sex is also going to have a tendency to increase in quality and quantity, but you have to keep in mind that you can not reach and pretend that as you feel more joy and energy, your partner has to bend to all your desires. Mood swings are hard to put up with, so put a lot of your effort to please the person you share your life with.

Are you a Taurus without a partner or wanting to fall in love? Well, it will not be October when you open your heart and conquer it. Maybe Cupid is throwing arrows at you, but love is not what you are most interested in right now. You prefer to have fun, go from flower to flower and enjoy sex without compromise. You look good, with desire, with strength and you are so stubborn that when you insist on something, you go for it. Yes, be careful and do not do things you do not want to do, or force anyone to do what they do not want to do.

The economic issue is not giving you many headaches, although it is true that you think you have less money than you should have. You are a pragmatic, stable and conservative person with these types of issues, so you do not like to get involved in investments, nor are you one of those who mortgage for whims. It is not your style, and it will never be for as long as the years go by and you can change.

Do an examination of conscience and also do accounts. In the workplace, your concern about these economic issues will lead you to think if what you are being paid is what you deserve. It is true that we always think that we deserve more but ... If you really analyze everything you contribute, do you think they are giving you a decent salary? Should you ask for more? Think about what salary you have right now, if it comes to take the life you want, within limits, obviously, and calculate if you deserve to enter more money due to your effort. If you decide that you must earn more, prepare a plan to get that salary that you should earn.

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