Taurus weekly horoscope | 03 to the 09 of July

This week the people of Taurus will have to avoid being affected by the negative vibrations of their work environment.

Horoscope weekly Taurus

03 to 09 July

This week you will find improvements in your health status. You will also find peace of mind and stability. You may have to leave home for some reason. Apart from this, the atmosphere of your home may remain a little disturbed during this week. The health of your partner can be in decline phase. The children would be happy during this period and the students will work hard to get good results in the studies. This moment is good for the progress of your career, and a promotion is possible in the office or workplace. The profits will be good and the foreign countries will increase your profits even more.

This week the people of Taurus will have to avoid being affected by the negative vibrations of their work environment. Do not be influenced by bad memories of past negative events or by current events that have nothing to do with you but with your co-workers. In the economic field, this week you will learn a very important lesson that, if you apply it, you can change your economic situation. You have moments in which you really want to move forward and progress economically and to achieve this you plan projects that could work, however you get discouraged quickly and never get to realize them.

During the next few days you will learn that you need to be more constant in order to change your reality. In the love field, the Taurus man will learn important things during this week. You have managed to fix the problems in your emotional life. During the last months you went through a crisis originated mainly by the intervention of your relatives. However, you have learned to put limits on your family and this has strengthened your relationship.

Take advantage of the weekend to prepare a romantic dinner for the woman you love. For her part, the woman from Tauro will have a complicated week. In situations of conflicts with your partner, your reaction is always the same. It is indifferent to you as if those conflicts were happening to someone else and not to you. The man you love is very upset with your reaction because he thinks that means you are not very committed to the relationship.

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