Taurus Weekly Horoscope | 11 to the September 17

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

September 11 to 17

The focus on your finances during the last quarter of Moon in Gemini can hinder the flow of romance temporarily. Thankfully, your heart will be taking the lead as we move into the weekend when a Mercurio-Mars fusion can inspire a round of flirting. You can be attracted to a mind that you know through an introduction or online source. This person will awaken your fun-loving side, but if the depth of feeling is there it remains to be seen. Sunday is your best day this week for an appointment. Hosting a party at your home would also bring out the best in you!

Feeling safe in your own home is very important to you now, so you'll want to check locks or renovate doors. You can also be drawn to the family history and memories of your childhood - it is a good time to revisit memory.

If you thought you were distracted before, you do not know half of this, because at this point, you can not even keep focused on the task at hand if your life depended on it. You have the butterfly syndrome, you're supposed to do a serious job, but you keep going on Facebook thinking that the secrets of the universe exist there, and I can tell you that, at best, but that's not exactly a secret , although it could be the secret of happiness because kittens are the most beautiful things on the planet, apart from the possible baby penguins, but I digress.

You will have some success in the removal department, as in, you will get those calls that you were waiting for, that tell you that maybe it's time to send a letter of resignation and let the sparks fly, baby. You have wanted to embark on a new adventure in life for a long time, but finances have always delayed you because you need that financially secure base. It's amazing how they manage to cope when their main job ends without warning, and, be on the alert because the way their work ethic has been so late, could have the boss pushing you out the door. Either way, it's all about expressing your emotions, telling people how you feel, and most of the time you're stressed, frustrated and upset by circumstances that you can not control.

The Moon moves to Gemini on Monday and you have no focus. The Moon moves to Cancer on Wednesday as Venus trills Saturn, bringing positive influence to business relationships and phone calls about new business opportunities. The Sun squares Saturn on Thursday, with feelings of inadequacy and his boss could show him the door. The Moon moves to Leo on Friday and spends the weekend there as Venus is sextile to Jupiter allowing her to express her feelings, perhaps to people she should not? Mercury is in conjunction with Mars on Saturday bringing intellectualism and apathy.

Ascending: You prefer to spend the day looking at pictures of cute kitten to cheer you up

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