Taurus Weekly Horoscope | 14 at 20 in August

Horoscope Taurus Weekly

14 to August 20

If you think you have all the answers, you're probably wrong. Financially, take advice this week. No matter how safe you feel about money, you would benefit from listening to someone who really knows the subject.

It's nice when life decides to slow down, when all the work does not want to be done, or you're trying, but none of the tasks wants to be done, because it does not matter how much email you send or how many times you try to make that recipe, You do not have access to all the right ingredients so you're stuck with just being able to do the most basic things, and that's not interesting at all.

You can enjoy all the work done in a couple of hours and from that point be able to lose the day resting in a hammock, or play ping pong at the local sports bar. You can go for a swim in the pool, or maybe improve your pair in golf. You are not quite sure what you are going to do with yourself when you have so much time with yourself. It could be a good time to take out the guitar and rip it a bit, practice some of the old songs that you know well. You have the opportunity to go to an open mic night, and that would be very fun, you do not even have to worry about being good, or playing your own songs, you can go to hell. Sometimes people like to do things that do not have to mean anything, it does not have to be all about success or pleasing a crowd, it just has to be about bringing some joy. The Moon begins the week in Taurus and you do not know what you will do with all this extra time in your hands. The Moon moves to Gemini on Tuesday and you want to be social, communicate with others, maybe attend a party for a change, or plan the weekend getaway. The Moon moves to Cancer on Thursday bringing sensitivity while Venus squaring Jupiter brings insincerity. Venus is quincunx to Saturn on Friday bringing the isolation. The Moon moves to Leo on Saturday, since Mars is sextile to Jupiter, bringing confidence, although, it is really easy to trust when you have gone to the cabin to be alone.

This week the people of Tauro will receive news about pregnancies from close relatives or friends. In the financial and business field. You will begin this week with a negative astral influence that will encompass all issues related to economic and commercial issues. It would be convenient that you had much caution in these subjects, especially during the next 15 days.

Through a friend, you will meet a male person who will offer you to be part of a commercial venture. You have a solid experience in the field of business and you are very skilled. However, the drawback is that you are emotionally very vulnerable due to a serious economic crisis that you are suffering. Therefore, you will have a tendency to commit reckless acts in the hope of quickly obtaining the money you need. In the sentimental field, the man and woman of Taurus will have an excellent week.

Finally you will achieve that harmony and happiness reign in your love relationship. You have gone through a period of many problems with your partner and that caused you a lot of anguish and worry. However, as of this week, all the tensions that you have endured will slowly begin to become milder, disappearing completely within a few weeks. For your part, the Taurus woman will receive pleasant surprises during this week. You felt discouraged because the person you were interested in did not notice you, however, today he will show you that he has intense feelings for you.

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