Taurus Weekly Horoscope | 23 at 29 in October

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

October 23 to 29


This week, Taurus, you will see how all the effort, all the impetus that you have put in during the last weeks maybe is not the most productive now. Possibly there are conflicts that force you to take a step back to see more broadly, to grant spaces that until now you were not willing to give to try to take some fresh air.

This is convenient for you now, since it is not the best time to keep pushing forward, since it seems that you are aligning things a bit against you just as you are now thinking about it. Nothing you gain with advancing the events and obstinarte that things are done in the way you are suggesting and practically forcing people to do.

Things have their natural rhythm of posing, so during this week it is better to take a small step back, but do not take it as a withdrawal from the situation, if not a step back to get energy, renewed air, cultivate your mood to make a big leap forward in the following weeks.

Keyword of the Week: Withdrawal

In the field of health,

This week, Taurus, you may receive news from an older man related to you, perhaps among your closest relatives or friends, who will receive an improvement which will make you feel more relieved. It is also a time of satisfaction for the good state of health in general, since you will feel during this week with renewed encouragement and energy, possibly due to that step back in the general convictions that will make you recover a renewed vigor.

Key Word in Health: Improvement

In the labor and economic sphere

This week, Taurus, you may receive news or notify you personally that you have the support of your superior, since he has learned of your achievements or work well done and wants to reward you in some way, whether it is a promotion, an increase in money. For those who are out of work, you may receive a call or some offer from an older man who tries to discern if you are suitable or not. If you go during this week to any job interview or meeting, be careful, as your words will be observed and scrutinized carefully to see if you really say what is right and true.

Key Word in the Labor and Economic: Truth

In the field of love,

This week, Taurus, it is possible that there is friction with your partner as neither of the two parties will want to give in to any situation that occurs during the course of the week. You have to learn to listen and at the same time know how to intercede with the opinion of the other person or partner, since it is very possible that both of you are fighting or arguing for the same thing, with different arguments and you yourselves are not aware of it. Try to find a middle ground before these things so as not to force you to make a decision that does not please either of you.

Key Word in Love: Stagnation
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