Taurus Weekly Horoscope | 30 from October to 5 from November

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

30 from October to 5 from November


During this week you will have to be prepared for any eventuality that may arise, since there are many possibilities that things will start happening in any area, from a small crack in the wall of the house, a fortuitous discussion with friends, an unexpected fall , a robbery in the street, etc ...

This is a week in which you have to have a thousand eyes and be prepared to calm down and have an agile and prepared mind. Since it is a time in which storms are approaching, it is better to have prepared the body, mind and soul for anything, be it banal or of the utmost importance. Calm will be your weapon throughout this week.

Keyword of the Week: Alert

In the field of health,

Possibly during this week you have some loss of control due to your impetuosity or heated discussion that you can take it further in order to defend your own truth. It is a moment in which you must serenarte and not lose your temper, because your nervous system is accelerated and can play a trick on you. You must take care of your body language as well as the spoken language, since you may have to stop some kind of nervous tic. Relaxing infusions during this week, some type of meditation and even professional help may be your best weapons to control that thirst for justice that arises in you this week.

Key Word in Health: Nerves

In the labor and economic sphere

Throughout this week you will find that possibly your goals with those of your colleagues, family and even partner are not the same or are not focused on the same goal, and that will cause you irascibility. Everyone also seems to depend on you at this time and it bothers you until the flight of a fly on you. During this week you will want to have a time to dedicate it to you and your own objectives, since you have a thousand eyes on you. You must open your eyes a little and understand what is happening around you, since it may be more a feeling of you than it really is. Breathing, taking a little time and learning to listen during this week will be a determining factor.

Key Word in the Labor and Economic: Discord

In the field of love,

Possibly this week you can not reconcile your work life with the sentimental, since you will have to work hard and give an extra job, which can cause a bit of distancing with your partner. It is a moment in which you will have to make an effort to solve some problems that arise in the relationship. It is time to speak clearly about everything that concerns you and to solve problems at home. It is likely that during this week you will also repair some things in the house or have an extra load of home chores.

Key Word in Love: Work
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