Taurus Weekly Horoscope | 4 to the September 10

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

September 4 to 10

Passion is sure to sizzle with Mars in Virgo traveling through his zone of romance. You are ready to express the power within your heart by initiating a lustful encounter with your love or by actively seeking someone new to enlighten your fire. What is more, his intellect will play a role in romance as Mercury travels through Virgo. Your creativity with words will boost your current relationship or attract a new admirer who appreciates the way you express yourself. The Full Moon in Pisces on Wednesday will activate activities with your friends, so between romance and friendship, you will be the center of your social circle.

It's not like you're crazy, but you want to abandon caution and see where life takes you. And why not? Do not take risks with your personal safety or your money, but some stimulating moments will do you good.

It seems alarming, but everyone knows that you are miserable and they know you want to go out, and some of them want to help you feel better about what you are doing now, or talk to you about where you are going, the results vary depending on the types of people they are.

Either way, you are feeling the crisis of the people in charge, that stress and anxiety is dropping the pike as the company changes to the march and there are new challenges that come to all. You feel like you are facing a tsunami, standing on the banks, watching it from miles away, and instead of moving, or running away you stay there a little dazed, watching it get closer and closer until it hits and swallows you in its powerful currents.

This is how bad the anxiety is, you can not handle the pressure of work, but you can not stop smoking because you are not a person who abandons it, you will fight to the bitter end. The problem with this, is that, your creativity and passion need to participate in this project, and if all you are doing is endure, survive and clench your teeth through it, you can also go out the door because you are not going to be of no help for the team. If you can get yourself together enough to find even an ounce of passion for what you are doing, do it, otherwise, give that resignation go.

The Moon begins the week in Aquarius and everyone knows that you are unhappy. Mars moves to Virgo on Tuesday and we have a full moon moving through Aquarius to Pisces, but it does not stop the company from trying to reach its goals. The Moon moves to Aries on Wednesday and if you can put it together and not be an anguished teenager, do it. The Moon moves to Taurus on Saturday while Mercury moves to Virgo and you feel so stressed and slow.

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