Taurus Weekly Horoscope | 21 at 27 in August

Horoscope Taurus Weekly

21 to August 27

House moves, domestic affairs and family affairs are highlighted by the solar eclipse. A small family crisis can dominate, but take it with the heart - it's a blessing in disguise. Once the dust has settled, you will see how far you have come.

The new moon in Leo on Monday 21 in August is not "just" a new moon: it is the second of two rare Leo moons in his fourth family and home, it is also a supercharged solar eclipse that will inaugurate a new chapter in his life personal. Where do not you feel satisfied, Taurus? If you have accepted an unhappy life arrangement or if things have changed with a roommate or family member (in a not good way), it is time to flip the script. Keep an open mind about how the change could be. If you are too narrow minded or limit your options, you could get lost in something surprisingly wonderful. Do you want to move? Search the listings and explore new potential neighborhoods. But since the influence of eclipses can last up to a year (and sometimes more), use your Taurus patience and wait until you find the perfect place, unless you find something you love positively and there is stiff competition. You may be able to convert your current inquiries into an ideal living space by reconfiguring rooms or furniture or making small but significant alterations, such as painting a wall of a bold accent color. And when creative Venus enters this area on Saturday (until September's 19), your indoor interior decorator can get a strong and unmistakable wake-up call.

On Tuesday, the resplendent sun will explode in Virgo, electrifying its fifth and loving fifth house until the September 22. Whether you are single or have spoken, you will be a magnetic person! If you are single and looking for a partner and not just another first date, expand your search radius. Be more acceptable of different types, especially if having a strict checklist has not achieved what your heart desires. You are sure of a reel of a lot of fish, but when you do, be picky about who really takes the next steps. From your first conversation, begin to have an idea of ​​who you are, what your goals and values ​​are, and what you are looking for in a relationship. Hopefully this will act as a filter to eliminate the light weights of the players. In a relationship? Do not wait for your love to come with exciting plans or tickets. Take the initiative, which means you can get more of your favorite faces and places on the calendar! During this solar surge, your creativity goes in excess. Make art for art and sponsor some of your favorite bands or artists by organizing group tours to support them.

And hello, libido! "Sexy" takes a stellar turn, as she sharpens the swords from Friday. A Saturn Terrain ends a soporific five-month cycle retrograde in Sagittarius and its erotic eighth house. You may have found it a bit harder than usual to connect with your inner sex god. (Especially if Retrograde Saturn casts a storm cloud over his mood or made him doubt his innate sensuality). Whether or not he is aware of it, this three-year Saturnian phase, which began 23's December 2014, has been refining its mystical, metaphysical, and healing powers. Now that Saturn is advancing again, you can get out of those dark depths and use the wisdom and strength that this recent retrograde cycle has endowed you with. One of the areas to focus on is launching your own business, be it a full career path or a hustle and bustle. Saturn's future-oriented approach could help you chart a profitable path. And with the conclusion of this turn, it can happen of someone who is still carrying a light. Look into your future and call someone who is the real deal or, if you are in a homosexual relationship, modify that relationship to give you everything you are looking for.

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