# Taken from 13 to 19 for February

# Taken from 13 to 19 for February

#General: Do you have a secret? With a focus on a sector further away from your letter, you may not want anyone to find out about a certain relationship. And there's no reason why you should talk until you feel the time is right. Valentine's Day is Tuesday, and it is possible that to celebrate you choose to prepare a healthy but seductive meal for the person you love. If food is something that your love likes as much as you, it will be great.

#Amor Couple: Explore your physical connection at the beginning of the week. Do not take off from your partner if that is what you are looking for and get rid of your inhibitions. Almost nothing matters when you are in total comfort with your partner. You have an extremely possessive reaction to your love later in the week, but the more you want to cling, the harder it is. Not everything is under your control. Accept what you can not change and do not worry about the rest.

#Amor Singles: When you feel comfort, you run the risk of falling into a boring routine. Get out of your family routine at the beginning of the week and see what happens when you take some romantic risks. The second half of the week brings problems with control, but the world of dating can be unpredictable. Try to let things flow naturally instead of planning everything before. Spontaneous moments can create some very interesting romantic opportunities.

#Profession: Soon you will take charge of your work life or of a department within the organization. Prepare to make a move in case you need to do it. Avoid feeling paranoid. You may come to think that you are not doing a good job when your boss thinks it is a good job. Certain aspects make it easier for you to take the initiative in whatever area you choose. Practical plans and strategies will make your life easier.

#Money: Certain aspects are encouraging your ability to earn the amount of money that you may have become used to and they ask you to be more responsible about how you spend your money in cash. Set limits so you can save for your retirement or other goals. Your sector of creativity, family and fun are affected. If you are having trouble finding motivation, just think about how what you do now will benefit your family in the future.

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