# Taken from the 13 to the 19 in March

# Taken from the 13 to the 19 in March

#General: There are certain things you would prefer to keep secret at this time, so do not feel guilty about doing so. Even if your best friends insist you tell them, there's no reason why you should. You will know when it will be time to update them, but until then, silence can be something very precious. Even so, with Mars in your sign, your actions may be worth more than words. This suggests that you could leave yourself in evidence without realizing it.

#Amor Couple: Everything is a little less tedious at the beginning of the week with your love by your side. They can not do everything together, but the projects that allow them to work as a team are super special. Your subliminal mind is very active at the end of the week, which could make your imagination work harder. Are you thinking too much about a romantic situation? Give your partner the benefit of the doubt.

#Amor Singles: Would you like to have a romantic partner to help reduce boredom in your life? If you have a lot of free time at the beginning of the week, use part of it to find that person. Only you know exactly the qualities you are looking for, so do not expect a miracle of the couple search services during the weekend. Online dating can be fun, but it's more of a temporary fix.

#Profession: This is a powerful moment to attack that huge pile of work. Your ability to focus on tasks that are not glamorous but still necessary will be appreciated. Good communication is the key to achieving the best results. You could have the opportunity to help someone less qualified. Identify the areas that need revision. The procedures you set up now will be useful later. You may want to work while others have fun.

#Money: This week you have activity in the sector of your letter that governs your home and internal feelings. The Universe wants you to advance to be able to create and conquer. But you also have to take it easy and build a solid foundation before moving on. Your feelings can be equally confusing. Meanwhile, it's time to pay your debts.

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