# Taken from 20 to 26 for February

# Taken from 20 to 26 for February

#General: Although it seems that you remain calm, it may not be the reality if the emotions are overflowing. If you can no longer tolerate a person's behavior, you may discharge your anger in the next few days. But is it wise to do it? Maybe not, if you want this person to remain your friendship. The best thing would be to have a sincere talk. The Solar Eclipse of this weekend could generate changes in your social environment.

#Amor Couple: Do you get tired of always being the rational person in the relationship? Your common sense is probably better than your partner's, so the most important decisions are sure to be made by you. Is not it time for you to delegate a little? You resist authority over the weekend, so anyone who wants to mark the mistakes of your relationship will not get very far. Your loyalty is unbreakable.

#Amor Singles: You keep things under control pretty well most of the time, but at the beginning of the week you get a little tired of always following the logic. What's the worst that could happen if you let go a little? Your love life could benefit when you let your inhibitions a little aside. You're on the defensive over the weekend, so anyone who tries to point out your failures will probably not succeed. What do you lose by accepting advice from other people?

Pay attention to what others tell you. Someone may be trying to help you. Energy can present a challenge. Make sure you have done everything possible to complete the tasks. Be patient with customers who may be stressed and are more demanding than usual. Things will soon subside. The energy is compatible with a careful review of financial or technical matters. Soon you will feel more in tune and with less pressure to meet the expectations of others.

There are new opportunities to work overtime or find a new job with better salary and benefits. Certain activity in your sector of romance, family and fun, infers that you are forced to find that delicate balance between work and life that everyone strives to have every day. You can find it.

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