#Turo weekly horoscope from 6 to March 12

#Turo weekly horoscope from 6 to March 12

#General: Your social life seems particularly cheerful this week because of a lively mix of energies that give rise to many types of interactions. It is also possible that an old friend will call you to invite you to meet again. If it does, it could be a reunion of the most moving. You will be in your element while Mars is propelled towards your sign in the middle of the week to give you the strength you need to move forward with your personal plans. There will be no one to stop you until you fulfill your dreams and show your abilities.

#Amor Couple: Being in a stable relationship is not always accompanied by taking risks, but the reward of leaving your comfort zone is great at the beginning of the week. Taking small steps will get you where you want to go, but taking a big leap will get you faster. A moving moment between you and your love during the weekend is enough so that you do not stop. Just when you thought the romance was fading, the spark is renewed.

#Amor Singles: What are you capable of risking to find love? A lot is at stake at the beginning of a new week, but you have everything to try. Your mood improves when you meet someone you fall in love with instantly over the weekend, and you may both become inseparable after meeting each other. There are many people who believe in love at first sight, and this encounter could cause you to believe in it too.

#Profession: You may feel frustrated now, but expect positive changes soon. Do your best to complete, organize and clarify everything that is in your charge. The more preparation you do now, the better position you will be in later. If you need more training or education, this is a good time to explore your options. Say yes if you are invited to any social event related to work. And try to make a good impression.

#Money: This week is about the aspects that affect your debt sector and the money of others. Your career is affecting this sector as well. However, you may be tested in the friendship sector or other groups. Such are simply unstable and can be support one day, but not the next. It's better to go solo until you can find people you can trust.

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