Runes Week Taurus | 26 from June to 2 from July | Text

The rune that governs you augurs a week full of knowledge, talks and good speeches. You will be communicative

Runes Taurus Week

26 from June to 2 from July

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The rune that governs you augurs a week full of knowledge, talks and good speeches. You will be communicative and in this way, you will feel comfortable talking, which can lead you to receive good advice from someone older or wiser. However, you must watch the gossip without foundation. You will live some experience that will be pleasant to you.

In the health, you are in a good moment, you are vital and wanting to move. No illness or worry will visit you during this week. The women of Taurus will have a fertile and vital week. If you do not want to be pregnant, you should take precautions. Any habit (good or bad), exercise or routine that you have been following will give your results this week.

When it comes to work, This week will be satisfactory, you will feel comfortable with what you do. The atmosphere will be relaxed. Keep being constant in what you do, since that gives you totality. Towards the end of the week it is possible that some kind of proposal may come to you. Some project to start or to take the reins. That they invite you to participate will make you feel good

In love, you will feel supported and understood. Your self-love will be reinforced. It is time for you to pick up what is sown. In this way, new friendships and deeper relationships are conducive this week. The runes predict initiations, unexpected surprises. Something that will make you feel good with yourselves and allow you to give and receive.

The Council of Angels: Those who do not have time for their friends will not have friends when they have time. It is important that you focus on the work, but you should not neglect your personal relationships. There is always a time to dedicate to loved ones.

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