Virgo horoscope today | 12 / 09 / 2017

Horoscope of Virgo today

12 / 09 / 2017

Virgo today intriguing friends could occupy their time now, but be careful not to waste time on people and activities that are not going to really promote your personal or professional interests. With the Moon transiting his 11 house number of social activities, he may find himself in the company of those who are not at all stable or consistent in his attitude. The inconsistent or indecisive actions of someone will affect you and make you react in the same way. Who is in control of their emotions anyway? You must take charge of a situation, know your own mind and make decisions independently of other people's agendas today.

You may have a short fuse today. Your energy is high and your mind is fast, and you expect the rest of the world to be there with you. But if you have to wait for someone to understand your question or suggestion, you will quickly grow irritable with them. Try not to make any quick judgment about other people's intellectual abilities. They are probably taking their time to consider the possibilities.

Virgo today a relationship from the past is pulling your conscience. Venus in your unconscious kingdom linked to Saturn, the planet of karma, can make you aware of a connection of past life between you and someone you love. This person may be on the planet or in the afterlife and may have inflicted an emotional wound that has not yet healed, but he or she will have a place in their heart. Does anyone, in particular, come to mind, Virgo? Being aware of the karmic bond will give you a deeper understanding of why this person came into your life, and what the relationship was meant to teach.

Virgo today is always good to discover other cultures and meet other people with different customs to yours, today will be a day for it, it is likely that you receive an invitation to a place where a good cultural mixture occurs, as well as make a trip that allows you to get closer to a diverse group of people, with other interests and also different types of life, take advantage of learning a lot about this.

In love, you will have a nice day with the person next to you, it is always good to try new things and you will receive an invitation from you to do something that neither of you is used to, it could be a walk in an unknown part of the city or a trip to a restaurant that serves exotic food, will be very good for both.

You need to integrate more all your knowledge in your work, you are leaving out some of them.

Daily Meditation: The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. - Marco Aurelio Antonino

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