Virgo horoscope today | 13 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Virgo today

13 / 08 / 2017

It's time for a change to get to this sooner rather than later. Get directly to the point and implement the changes you want, especially if you know exactly what you need to do. It is not the amount of money you spend on a gift, but the thought that counts. When you offer something to someone today, do it with your heart. You can have dreams of power and influence. This is a time to consider how to expand your authority and bring about changes in your life. You can be very sensitive to anyone who opposes you, so try not to overreact. Your beliefs can be so strong now that you are able to convince others that your way is the best.

Today you do not have to hide your lust for life. Your friends and co-workers know you too well for that, anyway. If you try to hide how strong and excited you feel, they will only smile at you. So go ahead and enjoy the fun you're having. You deserve it. You have worked hard for this, after all. Now you are starting to reap the rewards. Smile openly and accept people's compliments and congratulations with grace.

Virgo today love is manifesting in all its capable in your life and it is time to realize it.

If you find yourself without a stable partner, it may be that a person appears expressing your interest today, do not miss the opportunity to know this person further, it could be something lasting.

When you want to ask something to a person about whom you have doubts, do it bluntly, as it is waiting for you to do it, you have noticed your distance, so dare and ask the question that is circling in your head.

A distant love will want to see you or know about you, if you are already in a new commitment tell the truth and try to maintain your friendship.

If you have a child, an unpleasant news about one of them could arrive during the day, worry more about the steps you are taking in your life.

Daily Meditation: Being responsible sometimes means passing over people. - Colin Powell

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