Virgo horoscope today | 15 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Virgo today

15 / 08 / 2017

You should not try to be seen as someone who knows more than you really know. You could be stuck in a conversation where you do not want to look silly, but you're saying too many things that you really do not even know what they are, that's exactly what will happen. The highest educational activities will be part of your current cycle. Expanding your knowledge base and learning more about many different things will interest you. Be careful with flattery because it usually comes from another emotion in disguise. Do not be too confident today. Exercise your arms or fingers, or do something creative with them today. You may feel restless, but creativity may be the right way to produce a work of art.

The feeling of calmness that you have enjoyed during the last two days has disappeared. Now you could become a motor of the mouth - every thought that comes to your head somehow goes beyond your lips, even though you are normally so reserved! And although it is still as detailed as ever, it is now difficult to concentrate on all the different variables that you see before you. Take some deep breaths and try to reconnect with your center to balance yourself.

Virgo today is not the time to try to find a new job or make sudden changes in investments, you need to keep things that way for a while, which means that you should not make heavy expenses or rushed purchases, take time to meditate on these issues and Start thinking about the steps you will take in the future, but without putting at risk what has been achieved so far.

A person you love may be going through a difficult period of health, so it is advisable to worry about it, call and pay a visit, if it is within your means help him in any way you deem appropriate.

They will demand a job for a date very close to you today, so try to apply yourself to it and deliver something of quality, since it will be part of an evaluation about your job skills, not fail.

Daily Meditation: Develop an "attitude of gratitude". I gave thanks to everyone that you find for everything they do for you. - Brian Tracy

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