Virgo horoscope today | 26 / 08 / 2017

Horoscope of Virgo today

26 / 08 / 2017

Virgo today the problem with marriage is that everyone overlays a conceptual framework based on culture and religious beliefs instead of looking at relationships as unique as a number of people on the planet. These current transits indicate the need to find your special niche and live according to the dictates of your own inner truth instead of living in the shadow of preconceived ideas and historical tradition. Discussing your expectations in relationships is of vital importance at this time. Opportunities financially present themselves with the Moon in conjunction with Jupiter, but you have to be quick of the mark.

You spend a lot of time in your head, and logic is one of your main ways of thinking. But today, their emotions are much deeper than usual. Life becomes more subjective when you are in this state of mind. Old memories may resurface, or you may have instinctive impulses that have nothing to do with reason! But this is a good thing. You need to explore this side of yourself sometimes.

Virgo today Venus moves in proud Leo and his house of seclusion. During the next few weeks, you may prefer to let your romantic dramas play behind closed doors to avoid a public spectacle. You may be involved in an unlawful affair or you may have other reasons for wanting to keep your love life low. You will be able to fly under the radar for a while, but chances are that sooner or later you will be exposed. Homeless Virgos may want to take time out of dating and socialize to heal past disappointments and reevaluate their relationship desires.

Virgo today opportunity to do what you want without feeling remorse the other day, if you want to go out with your friends for drinks at night, go for a walk with your family, eat something strong and unhealthy or whatever you want.

Today there are no limits and you should not put so many rules, it's time to live a little and stop being always thinking about the consequences of what you want to do.

Love is present in your life, you can see it, but you are taking a long time to decide and you are making that person move away from you, all because you do not give him time, not even a greeting during the day.

Think things over with respect to this matter, because you could lose someone important because of your lack of courage and interest.

Bad day to sign important documents and take commitments that later you can not fulfill.

Daily Meditation: Work on yourself first, take responsibility for your own progress. - I Ching

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