Virgo horoscope today | 05 / 09 / 2017

Horoscope of Virgo today

05 / 09 / 2017

Virgo today The recent confusion in their relationships gives rise to an enlightened view of a current association that has been skewed as a result of pink crystals. You feel insecure or have some vague fears, but this is probably because you are in a new environment with people you do not understand. Continue listening instead of talking. You may not have any hope of freeing yourself from a work situation that is draining you of energy. You may need the money but you do not appreciate the stress. Concentrate more clearly on the job and not on what you do not like. Someone you love can get away now and this will make you more self-sufficient.

It's hard for you to trust your instincts if you can not see any logical basis for them. But today's energy urges you to do just that - to suspend your disbelief enough to take advantage of the wisdom of your own unconscious mind. Accept the signals and messages that your higher self is trying to send your way. That's the best way to perfect your intuition, after all. Taking it seriously improves its accuracy exponentially.

Virgo today the retrograde phase of Mercury comes to an end today. Very soon your mind will stop repeating its insecurities and fears, and peace will be restored in your psyche. You may not feel that you have shaken all this until after the September 19, but you can trust that serenity is ahead. Today Mars moves in your sign. By the end of October, you will be blessed with the energy and motivation you need to pursue your personal goals. It is likely that they come in stronger than usual, so do not be surprised if certain people bristle at your assertiveness. Know when to double.

Virgo today has a good day, since he can cultivate one of his greatest strengths, patience.

Despite being more restless, you have the possibility of being a person who can wait for what you want and what you most want, today is one of those days when an important news will come to your life, but it will involve a lot of waiting time , arm yourself with patience and begin to occupy your mind in other things for a while.

An important person is looking for advice on a subject that you handle and you have noticed, offer your services through an email or a phone call, it will be very well received.

Love needs you to wait a little longer, if you are in a relationship do not jump to ask for a more serious commitment, you could scare the person, maybe it is not ready yet, take more time to get to know him better.

Daily Meditation: If you are working on something that really matters to you, you do not have to be pushed. The vision attracts you. - Steve's works

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