Virgo horoscope today | 15 / 09 / 2017

Horoscope of Virgo today

15 / 09 / 2017

Virgo today Carrying with your dreams and ideals, you can induce others to follow the game, although your goals may not be exactly the same. By putting an extreme turn in an otherwise unstable situation you can turn people's heads and get them to accept what is the best long-term, even when it means a short-term sacrifice. Remember to communicate at the other person's level or you can simply lose them, especially if your ideas are explosive or detrimental to conventional wisdom. If it comes to dealing with the intellectual inferiority of an idiot or two, this will undoubtedly create too much tension in you.

Spending time in a family environment is a real comfort today. It feels good to take care of things around your house or to connect with old, dear friends. It is comforting to remember your roots, where you come from and who has been by your side for the longest time. It's a great day to go through old photos or letters, or to make a home-cooked meal for a group of your favorite people.

Virgo today You have to reach someone with a mega dose of positivity. One aspect of Moon-Jupiter is energizing your desire to connect with people who are on your spiritual wavelength. This is an excellent time to participate in a group that focuses on spiritual or personal growth. Just having a conversation with a friend who is in tune with you will raise your spirits. If you make plans to meet, be sure to check your calendar so you do not overbook. Uranus entering the image this afternoon can bring a new perspective on your need for belonging. It can also awaken your desire to make the world a better place.

Virgo today You are letting life go without doing something for you and for the things that you strongly believe, do not let this happen, you have many life plans that you need to concretize, do not let the opportunities to make them come away.

A very important person is looking for someone to help you in a job and has thought about you, do not stop accepting the offer that you will propose.

You could have a very good day at work, so if they give you an important job to do, do not stop doing the task well, do not be the kind of person who questions everything they do, many times it's better shut up and perform the task as they have entrusted to you.

You have a person in your life who wants to form something with you, do not let the opportunity go away.

Daily meditation: You never lose loving. You always lose by retaining. - Barbara De Angelis

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