Virgo horoscope today | 24 / 10 / 2017

Horoscope of Virgo today

24 / 10 / 2017

Virgo today you may discover that your intuition has lately been indicating the way forward, although for you it is not the correct a priori way.

You must learn to trust a little more in your intuition now, because, although it does not tell you exactly what you want or indicate the way you expect, you must listen without prejudice, since you can find a surprise of what it holds It's much bigger than you really expected.

It is a time to let yourself be carried away by your inner voice and let things flow in your benefit.

Your encouragement
Learn to listen to that little voice that sounds inside even though it does not seem to make sense, many times we find unexpected things from the unexpected, so use that powerful tool that nature has given us to be able to overcome you, although the things that indicate they are not right for you or they seem totally strange and absurd. Greatness is born of self-knowledge.

Your encouragement:

Virgo today you will possibly enjoy the blessing that the couple gives you, since together you will enjoy some mutual benefit which appears as unexpected, possibly some purchase that you did not intend to make or some small luxury that you will have together will make you vibrate, since that extra income that you will find will allow you to afford that extra expense that you did not intend to do.


Virgo today is possibly a moment of prosperity in which several factors come together, both in the sentimental life and in professional life. You will enjoy the benefit of some extra income, some increase or increase in salary. Possibility that government entities smile and you are able to benefit from some help. You may also find that your idea can be put into practice and you find a grant or some way to carry it out.


Virgo today you will have clear what your objectives are, your tools to achieve it, what is it that you need and what you need to achieve it. You will have enough self-confidence to start with it, and you will get the serenity and the mettle to go forward little by little until you get it. It is a good day to start new paths in pursuit of that precious goal that you have in mind and thus be able to reach the summit you so desire. It is a time for those who are unemployed to get a job according to their career.

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