Virgo horoscope today | 26 / 10 / 2017

Horoscope of Virgo today

26 / 10 / 2017

It is rise and descent. Caution time, you have to be vigilant, the top can move down again. Wait cautiously and patiently that the projects and illusions do not come off.

Virgo today you should probably be a little on the alert, since everything you may have achieved so far may start to collapse little by little. It is a moment in which you have to be attentive to any change that may happen around us to take note of it.

You must also learn that there is a physical law that everything that goes up, goes down. It is important to note, because in the same way that you can keep climbing, the base can also crack and fall all like a house of cards.

Your encouragement
Today you will be taciturn and thoughtful, so take your time to examine your surroundings and evaluate if the work done is really well founded and well grounded, as you may find that now that you are really ascending the ladder of life, you can find hanging by a thread. You must be cautious and patient, since that thread can be truncated from a simple wind blow if one keeps forcing.

Your encouragement:

Virgo today may have to obviate some comments around, especially older women, which seem to have the best intention in the world, but they go with ulterior motives so that, surely, they try to maltreat a bit within the relationship. Be alert to comments that may arise.


Virgo today you will possibly be with an excess of creativity that will lead you to imagine any type of project and new goals that you want to make, since at the same time that you are creative, you will have the willpower to want to raise that project. all ways, practically without taking into account the possible repercussions that it entails.


Virgo today is going to be a day in which, probably, there are material problems at work. It is possible that there is some kind of shortage of papers, utensils or any other type of physical material which does not allow you to work normally. It is also possible that there is a mental poverty in terms of decisions, which do not allow the normal development of work.

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