Virgo horoscope today | 02 / 11 / 2017

Horoscope of Virgo today

02 / 11 / 2017

Virgo today you may see the fruits of your effort rewarded, is a day in which you will see how the favors will be returned, your image in the workplace will improve with various thanks and possibilities of promotions or salary increases and in the family environment the ties are narrowed by the contributions you have made lately.

It is a time when you can congratulate yourself on a job well done, you have done well so far and the world is now giving it back to you in a way that you can ascend more steps in the scale of power and success.

Your encouragement
At the moment it is a day in which you will be able to rest mentally and physically, feeling that the work is fulfilled for the moment. But it is also a break with a double standard, since you can recharge your batteries, both spiritually and physically, as new problems are coming and you have to be prepared as you have been up to now in order to solve them and be able to continue forward.

Your encouragement:

Work and Money
Virgo today you may be a bit sullen with what you have achieved, you want everything you have done to be recognized as your own and you are not willing to negotiate a bit about who has done more or less when you feel like all the work is yours . You should weigh if you have really done all the work by yourself. For those who are looking for work is a day in which possibly closed some doors for possible intransigence shown.

Work and Money:

Virgo today is a day in which you probably feel quite sentimental for what you could be and it was not. You may be remembering an old love or there may be breakups during today, as this feeling is reinforced by having let it go, either at one time or another. For those who are looking for a partner, it is a time in which they will prefer to remember past couples or previous times that really look forward.

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