Horoscope weekend Virgo | 1 to the September 3

Horoscope weekend Virgo

September 1 to 3

You have been doing a lot of work with yourself and you are on the verge of a revelation that could free you from the past. Reaching an agreement with an emotionally charged subject may feel unsettling, but you will know that you have touched a key element when you hit a nerve. Acknowledge any anger or resentment you have buried so that you can release it once and for all. In more exciting news, the time may be right to invest in a long-term strategy pertaining to your home or family. Financing your plans could be easier than you think.

What you need is someone who can match your depth of character, someone who understands what makes you mark, someone who can share your philosophical perspectives with you in the hope of creating this dialogue where you can foster deep change within yourself .

The change is always minute, but they say it only takes seven days to create a new routine, a new pattern for yourself, and you are willing to put in that amount of time to help you get to the next stage of your spiritual growth. You need that special person who can speak to you through her because there are some inner demons that you need to address and only the strongest people in your life will be able to go that way with you. The Moon moves to Aquarius on Saturday. Mercury is in conjunction with Mars on Sunday.

If there is something that the Virgos are going to have very clear this weekend is that it is a weekend in which they must put the batteries and is that the week has been hard for them and they still have many things to do. The best of all is that they have been able to enjoy several weekends of tranquility and with the family, so now it will not mean anything to have to dedicate time to other obligations.

In the case of Virgos who are single, they will have the possibility of taking a big step in the work and this is, precisely, what should be a priority for them. This weekend will be very complete.

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