Horoscope weekend Virgo | 11 at 13 in August

Horoscope Virgo weekend

11 to August 13

This weekend you need to be aware of how you react to certain situations, Virgo. The planetary alignment in your graph shows that you will be charged with emotions and this could cause you to chase the people around you - if you are not careful. If you are in a relationship, lean on your partner so that this one supports you. Your weekend will end on high when you receive unexpected good news, Virgo.

Virgo single, this weekend is likely to be social for you. Your good humor will attract the right kind of people by your side to relate and expand your social circle. Be bold and do not be afraid to let your light shine radiant. When you take out your authentic self, good things come to meet you, Virgo.

What do you need to concentrate more on? That should be the starting point because you have the workplace that will always be there even if it's Saturday and you still have not finished, but you have family things, house things, groceries, children's things, relationship things, the list it does not end So you need to think about what needs your most attention at every moment, in every moment, and then focus on making that happen. Everything else can wait, that curiosity about that passionate thing you wanted to try with your partner ... You might have to do a kind of date night on Sunday. The sun trines Saturn on Sunday and the Moon moving towards Taurus.

One day more moved than the other, but in general, it will be a good weekend for the Virgos. Those who must go to work or have many things to do at home will not be in such a good mood as those who will be able to enjoy the whole weekend of leisure time for them.

Those who have all the free weekend should think about making a small getaway to a spa or a similar place where they can rest. Above all, they will do well if they can go alone with the couple, because they will find the right time to be alone and to improve the relationship. A little intimacy always helps to improve the relationship.

Ascendant Virgo: Ahh, do you remember that Sunday date night?

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