Horoscope Weekend Virgo | 22 to the September 24

Horoscope weekend Virgo

September 22 to 24

Avoid dealing with financial issues and making large purchases while the Moon is empty of course on Friday morning because things are not going to go as planned. With the harmonious Libra Sun navigating through your money house for the next four weeks, you will have plenty of time for uncomplicated transactions. Your weekend horoscope reveals the need to feel connected and in touch with what is happening around you, so it is likely that there are a lot of phone calls, emails and texts with people whose news is important to you. You can get emotionally trapped in some of your stories, but they will only leave a lasting mark if they reflect your own experiences., Virgo

The Virgo will be great with all those who are close, but there may be someone in the family who bothers a little with them for some detail and is that the Virgos are not just very observant people. This is a defect that they should try to correct, as there are people close to them who deserve this effort.

For the rest, we can say that the weekend will pass without many mishaps and the Virgos will have what they have asked for in life. It can be said that these are going to continue with the good run that has long since begun.

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