Virgo monthly horoscope | Julio 2017

During this month, the planets will draw an auspicious panorama. However, not to end this stage crying in bed and lamenting his bad luck

Horoscope monthly Virgo

July 2017

This month, Saturn transits through your third house, granting you power, courage and strength. You will work hard in your vocation and will strive to make the goals come true. Some minor friction with siblings are likely. The students will be successful in their studies. The transit of Jupiter in your first home will keep you in the best of your health. Your children will bring you the best of happiness in this world; Your health would also remain perfect. You will enjoy the happiness that your children provide you. With less effort, you will be able to obtain great benefits. There could be a change of residence for you. You are advised to maintain control of your well-being. A change of work is also expected for some. The transit of Mars in your tenth house would increase your efficiency at work. The transit of Mercury in your tenth house would increase family happiness and obtain benefits in your business.

During this month, the planets will draw an auspicious panorama. However, in order not to end this stage crying in bed and lamenting his bad luck, he must preserve himself from the hostility of Mars that will begin on 27 day and will tip him towards authoritarian reactions, excessive impulses and even the use of force to achieve his will.

This planet will also give your feelings a remarkable energy, so it will be up to you to take advantage of these positive characteristics and avoid adverse dictates. If you are a hypochondriac Virgo, during the last days of the month, Mars will tend to exalt this negative aspect of your personality, with which people will flee in terror on your side. Only the last days will be stormy for Virgo since Venus, throughout the month, but in particular in the first 13 days, will make you fall in love, enchant, enchant and magnetize or whoever wishes.

In love, everything will slide smoothly and bring you happiness. So why spoil an excellent relationship or the prospect of starting something really promising, becoming fussy and upset in the last days? If you do not know or do not want to control your character during those days stay alone at home or, well, count to a thousand before saying what you feel or want. Excellent period thanks to the astral influences to plan social gatherings, have fun and enjoy pleasant moments in the company of family and friends.

With the rays of Jupiter, the Sun and the complicity of Mercury it is likely that the opportunity to sign agreements, agreements, contracts or formalize companies will be presented. You must preserve your health by channeling all your energy positively. Practice your favorite sport or perform relaxation exercises.

If you plan to undergo a beauty treatment or cosmetic surgery, until the 26 the planets predict a highly successful result.

Lucky days: 2, 7, 14, 21, 25, 29

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