#Virgo June 2017

#General: The Full Moon of the June 9 is a festive and family-oriented moon.

#Virgo June 2017

#General: The Full Moon of the June 9 is a festive and family-oriented moon. You could receive phone calls, photos or text messages from relatives who want to see your beautiful face and hear your sweet voice. Surrender to the attention. It will not last long. The 13 of June, the trine between Mercury and Jupiter improves your luck and your vision on a certain problem. The New Moon of the June 23 opens your social life to great fun and enthusiasm. You may be about to have a little more enthusiasm in your life, and maybe you are the one who generates it. People want to be close to you.

Best days: 6, 21, 24

Worst days: 18, 29

#Amor Singles: The 4 of June, Mars enters Cancer and brings your emotions to the surface, but forcing yourself to be too brave or express yourself may be counterproductive. The struggle continues to find the balance between logic and passion. With the conjunction between the Sun and Mercury of the June 21, you tend to ignore what you have in front of your eyes. Has anyone been throwing not so subtle hints about their interests? Open your eyes and see the possibilities! You have a special gift to see beyond the insecurities of others during the trine of Mars with Neptune the June 25, which is a great tool for dating. Make compliments freely and honestly.

#Amor Couple: Mars transits from Gemini, Sign of Air, to Cancer, Water Sign, the June 4, and every time you feel more uncomfortable feeling that your emotions come to the surface. Just because expressing yourself is difficult does not mean you should not do it. The conjunction between the Sun and Mercury the June 21 gives a logical turn to communications, something you enjoy and what you stand out. Maybe your jokes are bad or gimmicky at this time, but your partner appreciates the effort you make to get a smile. The trine that Mars forms with Neptune the June 25 gives you a special intuition to perceive the insecurities of your partner, so be careful. We all have our faults.

#Job: An emotionally exhausting work situation will end at the beginning of June. It will be a relief to finish a demanding project, cut ties with an abusive client or transfer to a better department. Getting rid of great responsibilities will make your creativity flow freely. Do not be surprised if some brilliant discoveries begin to happen regularly. Your contacts will be as important as your own knowledge during the second half of the month. This is a great time to join a professional organization, a union or a work team. Not only will you learn a lot, but you will also make some friendships with influence.

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